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Bid Now! Years of breaks for your enjoyment. Check Them Out. Upcoming Releases. Featured Products. We ship to all countries. Chris and his team always provide outstanding service.

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I can't recommend Cards Infinity enough! Knowledgeable, kind and adds a unique comedy aspect to the breaks, great breaker community on YouTube as well.

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Certainly will buy from again!! So on Friday evening September 15 I finally got in on a break. It was a great experience and I was very impressed with the level of professionalism. This is a first class operation an would recommend it to all. The break I was in finished Friday evening an I recived my cards today.. Thanks Chris Im looking foward to getting in alot more breaks. Chris has got me back in love with sports cards again.

I just got into my first box break today. Ordering is real fast and easy.

Black Friday Weekend, Cyber Monday Sports Memorabilia Deal Guide

Thanks Chris you Rock!! R90 Customer.

Black Friday Card Sales!

Been a fan since when I stumbled onto group breaks on YouTube. Great product, prices, and stories! Cards Infinity. Manufacturing-related flaws will all factor into the condition and value of the card and are unfortunately entirely out of your control. Once you've identified your cards and inspected their condition, make sure you place the important ones into plastic sleeves, toploaders, or in plastic sheets in binders or albums. This will ensure that they won't be subjected to any additional wear and tear and will preserve the value of your cards.

A Topps Tom Seaver rookie card with slight corner wear and centering issues. Step 3: Get familiar with the grading system One of the most important things to understand when evaluating your trading card collection is how the grading system works. By authenticating cards and providing a uniform standard for condition, third-party experts like Professional Sports Authenticator PSA , Sports Card Guarantee SGC , and Beckett all help people put a value on vintage cards and memorabilia.

PSA the largest of the three major grading companies uses a point grading scale to assess every piece. The higher the grade, the more valuable the card. Important: Judging condition and understanding the grading system will allow you to see what similar cards have sold for. If you are too eager to grade, you might end up spending more on fees, insurance, and shipping costs than your cards are actually worth. Go onto eBay and perform a search of a particular card in your collection. For best results, add in condition information as well. This will give you an idea of what recent final sale prices have been for similar cards on eBay.

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Keep in mind though that you likely won't be able to fetch those prices, as there are additional costs associated with using eBay and Paypal. Recent sales of a search for "T Lajoie. Step 5: Research ways to sell your cards. One option that everyone usually thinks of first is selling on eBay. This can be a viable option for people with experience, but if you're a novice you should probably steer clear.

We actually recommend against selling on eBay so often that we created a resource called 7 reasons why you should NOT try to sell your cards on eBay. After eBay, many people think of Craigslist as an appropriate avenue to sell their card collection. This is usually not an ideal method either. Craigslist listings will limit you to buyers within your local area, and there are always risks of getting ripped off in one way or another.

Even if you do manage to find a buyer through Craiglist, you could probably achieve a higher selling price by going elsewhere. You used to be able to find a baseball card dealer in practically every town in America. But since the baseball card bubble burst in the late 90's and early 's, card dealers are fewer and further between. Today a significantly smaller number of large dealers buy collections from all over the country and the world especially collections involving vintage and prewar cards. Whether it's here with us or with another reputable dealer, we definitely recommend selling to a professional who does this for a living.

This is by far the fastest, safest, easiest, and most secure way to sell a collection. How we buy vintage sports cards and memorabilia At Just Collect, our buying process always starts with a free appraisal. We offer several different options to get your items to one of our five appraisal locations. One option is to mail in the collection to our Somerset, NJ office for an evaluation from our vintage card experts.

If your collection is worth a lot, we'll pay all shipping expenses. In the event you don't choose to sell to us, we'll also pay for return shipping no questions asked.

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However, we understand that some people are not comfortable mailing in a valuable collection of sports cards and memorabilia. If you are located near one of our appraisal locations, call our team to set up a free appraisal appointment. If you're not located within driving distance, but have a rare or high value collection that cannot be mailed, our team of experts can fly out to you for your free appraisal.

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Once we have a look at your collection, we'll make you a cash offer within 24 hours. What we look for If your baseball cards or memorabilia have value, we'll buy them. To determine the current market value of your items, we utilize information such as past auction sales from eBay and auction houses and published market guides. We are always looking for pre sports and non-sports cards.

Large collections , especially those including complete or near-complete sets , are always on our list as well. We also like trading cards featuring stars or hall-of-famers , or even high-grade cards featuring common players. In addition to sports cards, Just Collect also buys other collectibles. These can include anything from autographs to vintage photos , game-used memorabilia , and comic books.

In just the last few months alone, we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars buying vintage sports collections from people throughout the United States and Canada. You can also send us an email at info justcollect. Call Us Email Us info justcollect. Visit our ungraded cards page on Ebay. Toggle navigation menu. X Click to Contact Us. X Contact Us. Looking to Sell Baseball Cards?