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More Options. Volturi Vampire Contact Lenses Pair from. With colored contacts from overseas vendors, Shea adds that the bigger issue is sterility and cites the Journal of Forensic Sciences study. The researchers discovered that the colored chemicals within these lenses could be exposed to lens wearers, putting them at risk of corneal infection.

Alexander later emailed Uniqso to ask for a refund, but before the company issued her a replacement pair or a refund, a customer representative told her to cut the defective lenses in half, according to a screenshot of the exchange. In , a year after the incident, Alexander decided to write a blog post detailing her interactions with Uniqso and her decision to stop promoting the brand. It took her a year, Alexander says, because she was convinced she had worn the lenses wrong or that it was an isolated case.

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Colored lenses have become ubiquitous — at least according to my Instagram algorithm. They pop up in selfies, photoshoots, and makeup tutorials. She quickly inserts one, then two lenses before blinking at her online audience. Most of them are based in Asia, where cosmetic lenses originated, and very few require customers to verify their prescription before purchasing. Most vendors do not manufacture lenses, but they are still the middleman — responsible for sourcing products and ensuring their safety and usability before shipping them to customers.

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Pinky Paradise, a vendor in Malaysia, was the only company out of the four I contacted that responded to my questions and confirmed that it checks prescriptions before processing an order. According to Pinky Paradise founder Jason Aw, the company carries a variety of brands from Korean manufacturers and sources products that meet Korean and international health standards. Most Korean manufacturers are focused on getting approval from European and Asian regulatory bodies, he added.

E-commerce platforms have made it quicker and easier to purchase illicit lenses, says Barbara Horn, president of the American Optometric Association. Before these platforms, it was easy for regulators to track down illegal sellers in brick-and-mortar shops, like gas stations and corner stores, and fine them for violating the law.

The bigger question remains: Are customers aware of this risk? And if so, will they care enough to stop buying them? When I spoke to influencers who promoted these lenses, they told me that they chose to partner with vendors that seemed reputable.

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Buyers and even other influencers are often introduced to a company through its social media presence and who chooses to work with the brand. Keiana Quallo, a year-old YouTuber from Queens, New York, had only worn colored contacts purchased from a boutique shop for an old Halloween makeup tutorial. Among the Asia-based lens retailers I looked into, TTD Eye was the most popular, boasting more than , followers on Instagram and a sweeping network of affiliate partners — influencers who are given a specific discount code to promote a product in exchange for commission brought in from that code.

In addition to scouting for influencers, some brands like Uniqso allow people to request to join the affiliate program. TTD Eye did not respond to multiple emailed requests for comment. Several have claimed that the contacts affected their corneas, and are encouraging others to not promote or wear products from the company.

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While the FDA and FTC have cracked down on illicit vendors, sponsored content plays an indisputable role in attracting customers to these unregulated products. Their commission comes from the number of people who use their discount code in their purchase. After going down a rabbit hole of videos and photos about colored contacts, I decided to purchase a pair of hazel lenses from TTD Eye in September.

If the code is used five times, you can win one pair of lenses. Its strategy relied on attracting new customers from the social circles of its existing buyers. Influencers and even average consumers are promoting unregulated lenses, which are medically dubious at best and, in some cases, a serious health hazard.

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By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Brands are using Instagram to sell colored contacts. They might not be safe to wear.

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  8. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Overseas vendors have a network of hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, built on sponsored posts and influencer marketing.