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Aggretsuko Season 2 Episode 4: Unavoidable Impact Summary: Retsuko and Anai have to host a food stall for the company's Family Appreciation Day event, but Retsuko does all the work herself to avoid conflict. Retsuko: So, a vampire? Anai: I can confirm that I am not a vampire as I have blood. Hayley A. I also wanted to improve my art, so I finally attempted to do semi realistic digital painting, but I still got so much to improve.

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Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Having something on the record is leverage, which makes Anai a Slytherin. Director Ton berates Retsuko for Anai's lack of progress on the job. Because I hate my readers. GV Mar Msfgg is on Facebook.

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Retsuko and Shirota getting along swimmingly. Tadano meets Retsuko in the driving class. Please, go right ahead. Anai and a lesson in workplace harassment. Next Page. Anai didn't say anything, but as Retsuko turned to find something else to teach him, he bit his lip as his mind whirred processing what she said to him. This shows talent to create some absolutely annoying characters is impressive. United Front. This Pin was discovered by Aniformy.

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  6. It stars the beleaguered office worker, Retsuko, a year-old single red panda, who seems cute and submissive on the outside, but is secretly seething with Suppressed Rage at her stressful work in an accounting department and annoying coworkers and bosses. He was basically threatening himself in the sub. Retsuko and Anai have to host a food stall for the company's Family Appreciation Day event and Retsuko hits it off with a donkey named Tadano at driving school. This season will give Retsuko plenty to rage about; from her nightmarish new coworker Anai, to her mother pushing her to find a husband and settle down.

    A socially awkward accountant deals with her annoying co-workers by chugging beer and singing death metal. Nome File 1 : 91M: Pimpa-S4.

    Show More. Affrontando ogni giorno frustrazioni costanti da parte di superiori invadenti e colleghi fastidiosi, Retsuko sfoga le sue emozioni andando ogni sera al karaoke bar e cantando death metal. Anai made me want to smash my head against the wall, and Retsuko's mother drove me insane just as much.

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    Is it safe to say that I have a crush on Anai? Click for better resolution! If any of them had documented and reported his behavior he would have been punished or even fired. When she gets fed up with it, her metal takedown is notably angrier than usual. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes I'm a bit of a nut, and for that you may not like me, but heyo, you don't have to worry about my personality cause I'll just be posting art!

    Follow: Meshymayhem on twitter for more frequent art! Bu sayfada. This season, we got an introduction of a new character to the office, Anai, who freshly graduated from college and into the office. Anai Curioso Feo chaneque. Never mind. You probably won't recognise this fella, cause he wasn't in the Netflix release. The series was released on Netflix worldwide on April 20, Viktor: Uh…. Discover and save! Sep 15, Explore maryimico's board "Aggretsuko", followed by people on Pinterest.

    He reminds me too much of several people I cut out of my life. Season 2 is one hell of a RIDE. Season 2 finds Retsuko tackling new, albeit familiar challenges in the form of Anai, an aggressively hypersensitive intern under her tutelage, the intrusive helicopter parenting of her own mother Alexander Lynx is on Facebook.

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    Haida: Is it blood that has always belonged to you, from the moment of your spawning? Anai: It is blood, it is in my possession, therefore it is Aggretsuko 2. Over TV Time users rated it a 8. Who is do many futile thing and one-side love forever! My Favorite Character: Retsuko!

    I love her. Office stan-dom is real. But secondly, might I suggest you commemorate your love for the comedy series with an easy "The Office" Halloween costume so you can show off your "Office" obsession to the world? Do the lovable, hate-able, and downright bizarre employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company proud this Halloween season.

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    But with a few specific touches and props, you can ensure your "The Office"-inspired look is both recognizable and memorable. In any case, we've put together six easy peasy costumes to help you dress as a few of our favorite "The Office" characters, plus some inspirational looks from the most iconic episodes that every fan of the show will immediately recognize.

    Check out these "The Office" Halloween costumes that are easy to put together. Ah, Pam. Gotta love her. Sweet, polite, and relatively normal for Dunder Mifflin standards, anyway , Pam is the office receptionist who usually holds things together.

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